Customer information

1. How to place orders with us and access films

Our offer is binding. With your order you accept our offer to enter into a contract. The contract is concluded when your order is sent to us. You then receive an order confirmation via email.

You can view the desired streaming service in greater detail by clicking the ‘Stream film’ button. Use the [Add to shopping basket] button to place the product in the shopping basket. The contents of the shopping basket can be viewed at any time, without obligation, by clicking the [Shopping basket] button. Products can also be removed from the shopping basket again by clicking the [Remove] icon. 

The order is initiated by clicking the [Go to checkout] button in the shopping basket. You create a customer account here the first time you place an order. The payment method is then chosen. In the last step, you are shown an overview of your order details under ‘Review order’, and you can check all the details again and delete or amend them using the ‘Amend’ function. You can also correct errors by navigating backwards in the browser or by cancelling the order process and starting again. To complete the order, you have to accept the General Terms and Conditions and click the [Stream now for a fee] button. The order is then sent to FS Cars. 

Your streaming service then becomes available to you in your customer account.

2. Storing the order

We store your order, together with all the details and information it contains, in your customer account so that you can access it there. You also have the option of saving and/or printing out both the order and the General Terms and Conditions before sending the order to us. You receive an order confirmation containing all the order details and the entire text of the contract by email. 

3. How to pay

PayPal: You are redirected from the order process to the PayPal payment page and make the payment there directly. 

Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express): Payment is made immediately following entry of the details and verification that you are the legitimate cardholder, and your credit card account is then charged.  

Apple Pay or Google Pay:  You are redirected from the order process to the Apple or Google website. There you enter your payment details and confirm your payment order to Apple or Google. After the order has been submitted in our shop, we request Apple or Google to initiate the payment transaction and your account is then charged. 

4. Our customer service

If you have any questions or complaints, please contact us. You can contact us from Monday to Friday between 9:00 am and 4:30 pm on the telephone number 0031-(0)681 309 418 or by email at


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